River Gravel Sand Making Machine

As we all know , our country is one of river gravel -rich country . But according to the current situation analysis , river gravel resource development in most places is limited to the mining of river sand . The river gravel crushing , grading utilization has not been fully realized.
Now, with the investment in infrastructure projects , the demand for construction sand in the growing construction market which is currently the main use of blasting rocks gravel , building materials generally have such a violent break with the way from the mountain in mining, gravel mining so not only destroyed the mountain landscape and cause soil erosion, while the breaking process brings a lot of security risks and damage to the ecological environment , and it is difficult to control the size of blasting out of the rubble , not easy to achieve the desired requirements. And not the same river pebbles .
River pebbles taken from experienced crustal movement of millions of years ago, after the ancient riverbed sand ridges produced mountains , experiencing the impact of flash floods , water removal process of continuous extrusion, friction. In tens of thousands of years of tremendous evolution , they tormented waves of water will sport collision friction is lost gravel irregular edges, and they were buried in silt an underground millions of years of silence . The main chemical composition is silicon dioxide , followed by small amounts of iron oxides and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum , magnesium and other elements and compounds , quality hard, with compressive strength, corrosion resistant properties of natural stone , is an ideal building materials.
With the development of science and technology in recent years upgrading technology, the strong support of government policies , and sand making equipment , so that river gravel applications more widely , not only in housing construction and concrete aggregate level highway construction stable layer material . As we all know , river gravel mining gravel than blasting low cost , less impact on the ecological environment , and has been strong government support . So , behind its huge potential for economic development , revealing a huge demand for sand and gravel , river gravel sand investment will gradually form a new investment hot spot.
River gravel sand, requires a series of sand making equipment , its main devices are jaw crusher , vibrating screen, sand making machine , sand washing machine . SBM is a professional manufacturer of river gravel sand making machine business, which has been successful for many domestic and foreign enterprises river gravel sand production installation and commissioning of the thousands of professional sand production line , sand making its research and development production equipment for its stable and reliable products performance and professional and thoughtful service much , certainly. And the new R & D production -JC jaw crusher series Jaw crusher, which has been applied to sand production line , greatly improving the system of sand production , reduce costs , making it closer to the customer’s requirements.

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River Gravel Sand Making Machine

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