ball mill manufacturer in india

Shanghai SBM Company developed 600mm × 200mm high-pressure roller mill test , power 2 × 37kW, between the roller pressure 1000kN. Roller surfacing layer of impact-resistant metal layer , then use the self- study of a wear-resistant flux cored wire system re- surfacing wear layer , has recently developed a mosaic combination roller, wearable pieces that mosaic circle on the bearing , the site will effectively solve the difficult problem surfacing .

Black Hawk Hill had Jiuquan Iron ore dressing plant , Bangmoshan iron ore, iron ore and granite Nanfen test results showed that: the average reduction ratio of 50 or more, with the aircraft systems and ball mill grinding Nanfen iron ore, ore unit power consumption saving 3.44kW / h, so that the whole system power consumption reduced by 20 % -30 % , the production capacity increased by 30 % to 40% , saving 20-30% of infrastructure investment .

Conical ball mill As ball mill manufacturer Shanghai SBM production , the main bearings of double row spherical roller bearings , an increase in the discharge end of the conical section of the cylinder, grinding media and reasonable layout , give full play to the role of various types of steel balls , grinding mineral particle size is small . Straight gear mounted on the body and the cone junction, reducing torsional stress cylinder , the diameter of the pinion gear , 30% to reduce weight , reduce the manufacturing cost. Using ring -shaped ditch linings, lower power consumption and steel consumption . The aircraft effective large volume, low installed power than traditional ball mill effective large volume of 13.6% -42.2 % , 14.3% lower installed power .1996 -40.5 % in April , india gold processing plant will be 2.1m × 2.7m and 1.5 m × 3.5m cone ball mill , respectively, for one , two stage grinding , the period of feed size 15-0mm, production capacity of 310-320t / d. compared with traditional ball mill, processing of ore per year 15,000 t, festival electric 320,000 kW / h.

Tower mill ( vertical mill ) in the early 1950s , india tower mill Co. first developed. Swedish Boliden Mineral Ellis Group have handled Systems (MPSI) has also developed a tower mill . Country in the 1980s started to develop ball mill, now a lot of the ball mill manufacturer , ball mill and has been widely used.

Subject to grind material from the cylinder into the lower pressure , rotating spiral agitator driven grinding media up and down vertical circular motion , tangential spiral movement , and strong spin campaign to make the material by grinding and grinding stripping medium strong crushed. Before discharge grinding mill products , first by the cone classifier rough grading , coarse particles into the bottom of the classifier form a circulating pump flows into the mill regrinding . Plus the amount of the volume of the ball 1/3 balls medium depth, deeper than the equivalent of ball mill media. Therefore , to improve grinding efficiency than ball mill grinding speeds more than 10 times . Its main advantages: low power consumption , low installation cost , compared with ball mill unit energy consumption reduced by 50 % -60 % , simple structure, small footprint, low noise, small vibration .

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ball mill manufacturer in india

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